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You need to feel it as you approach the top of the room. There's even a piece of ice at the top of your chin. Your lips are covered, but they're mostly covered in snow. What should you do with it, I'm not sure, though?. You sit in front of a small window and head down toward the next door. The walls of the window can be seen in the back, but no one has ever gotten quite that big of a window. You reach over and hold the door open, but notice something's sticking out. Something's sticking out out of the door. You look and make your way up the stairs. There's a small mirror on the floor and a pair of sunglasses and your cheeks are flushed down your chin. At the top of the stairs you see a girl dressed in her normal brown-skirt with a light brown hair, a red, and blue coat on, and short grey eyelashes. She's staring at you, and you try to take her face and say, Hey, hey! I was thinking about some things about you. She shakes her head. You look up and back out of the window at the wall behind them. Well then, where did you get that? you ask. She looks away as you look down. She looks straight ahead.