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At the same time, the public was shocked and dismayed by the blatant discrimination. To put it simply, every other person in our country can look up to you from the stage and be happy if they are part of our society. Even the best-known, prominent public figures such as Madonna, Oprah Winfrey and the Dalai Lama had their photos on their official social media accounts. They even celebrated the fact that our women are the most equal to men. This year is actually going hand in hand with the most common social issues. Our campaign to remove barriers between black and white has been very effective. After the election of Obama we have made many political gains because of racial and social issues of a different nature. We also have increased awareness and support among African American students across the country and around the country. A similar issue arose in Nigeria when the police detained and tortured a young man who was attempting to overthrow the government. In Nigeria, this situation is a little more complicated than it was in the United States. In many countries, blacks are discriminated against, although whites are able to complain bitterly about the state of those rights. In a way, Nigeria's politics also has to go much further than that. This year, the Nigerian parliament passed a new constitution demanding that the state adopt a strict constitution on African-American relations, and the African National Union (ANC) to adopt a new constitution.