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(Penny Eilperin, The American Book Review, April 2003). Well, the following article and a few others were written by Léonie C. Ochs, PhD for the Annals of Family and Criminal Justice in Washington, DC:. We have to remember that it is not like any erotic romance novel written in the 1990's has been completely fictional. To quote the American Psychological Association: The romance novelist author may come of age in a romantic landscape where homosexual sex is not the norm but perhaps most certainly an indication of the age-old taboo of incestuous relationships for many youth. (William A. Cohen, The Romantic Lover, The Romance Writer and a Sexually Perverted Romance, (1998), pp. 562). Such themes can be found in most popular erotic novels. A large number of the novels I have read tell the story of young adults engaging in homosexual relationships but have little to no basis in sexual relationships at all. One might say this is a result of the romanticizing the novels in such light.