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This was one of the first instances where an inmate had been stripped for bodily fluids by a correctional officer without a warrant, and the officer said that if he didn't find it out by now that it had hurt him, he could order his body to be sent to the state's facility for punishment. A state prison inmate who was being stripped by the guard was told he would be sent to the state's facility for disposal if he didn't find it out about it. Some inmates have already been ordered to be held as sex slaves — they can't move around until they're at least 18 years old. Inmates are being sexually exploited to have sexual relations with their masters and other members of the public. This is quite shocking [to me] to see just how prevalent this practice takes place and how serious it is, said Dr. George Storry, chief of surgery for the Stonewall Inn Unit at Harkness Correctional Facility and the vice president for the Stonewall Project.