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' These are little secrets, the most important in a culture in which everything is being controlled and it isn't just about who can drink beer, about why you get fat and why you don't do things on your own. (Pablo Picasso often wrote that to her in a very personal way the world is a big and lonely maze of secrets waiting to be revealed. The most famous of these is a passage in the first book of a memoir written by one of my heroes, who did not realize that he had an important part to play in bringing the world together. Not only was he being so helpful and critical, but most of his actions were taken because his own daughter in turn loved his poems and had had conversations with him about how to make all the best of his life. The best way to understand this is to focus on this passage in Part Three: The Great Depression. A little more deeply, a few of my own friends have told me that for many years the Depression was one of their most difficult times in their lives and the hardest time they had ever had with the world. So for this new volume of The Great Depression of My Life by Janna Stoughton, one of my heroes, I felt no need to explain anything.